Sunday, January 16, 2011

Being a new Mommy and Loving every minute of it

Anxiously i start up my Blog page....I have so much to say I can't wait to get started...but wait.. where exactly do i start. I have so many storys i want to share. I want my blog to be about my adventure in being a new mommy. The good and the not so good. All though exciting its also scary. It is the best thing I ever did but its also the Hardest.  I need this to be my outlet to be able to say what my life as a new mommy has and is like even the bad that some mommys are scared to admit.  Like all though being a mommy is the greatest feeling in the world it has a way of making me feel like im failing miserably.  That I have no idea what Im doing and that Im so bad at it because I can't figure out why my son is crying. Damn you being sleep deprived and out of whack hormones for making me feel like this. Did I mention this is all in the 1st 2-3 months..but felt more like a year. To all you 1st time mommys, already pregos or thinking about getting pregos it gets so much easier. There are those great moments when I just forgot about the bad ones and it makes it all worth it. Like in the middle of the night when my kid wakes up and even though im dying to go back to sleep but he's all smiles and ready to play. Also when he falls asleep in my arms and I feel his warm breathe on my chest and all of a sudden he smiles or chuckles... Those are the moments that melts my heart and I know its all worth the hard times. Now thank God Im glad to say my son is in his 4th month about to go into his 5th & even though we still have our bad days there are alot more great days.. now if only my hair would stop falling out already.. lol